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Barefoot is for all types of horses

Since starting our business back in 2006, we have received many inquiries from horse owners with horses that have lameness issues asking us if we can help them with barefoot trimming. We have had great success and have been fortunate to be able to return some of these horses to work, or if not, at least being able to make them more comfortable.

However, the majority of the 300+ horses that we are looking after are hacks and performance horses - and these horses are competing successfully in all sorts of fields - we have showjumpers, hunters, dressage horses, western, trekkers and pleasure hacks. The breeds range from Clydesdales, through to thoroughbreds and miniatures.

Happy little barefoot ponies and their ridersChildren Riding Horses
Barefoot ponies and their riders

All our family are riders and compete. All the kid's ponies are rehabilitated laminitis cases!

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