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Why use hoofboots?

If your horse has spent most of its working life shod, the hooves will be brittle and the soles soft - damage caused by wearing metal shoes, and it could take the horse up to a year to develop a decent hard hoof capsule. But this doesn't have to slow you down or prevent you from riding. The use of hoof boots will protect your horse when you are out and about and allow maximum circulation to encourage the hoof to heal.

If your horse suffers from any of the following - arthritis, pedal bone fractures, jarred shins, navicular disease, ringbone, knee fractures, laminitis (founder), bruised soles or hoof walls and scalping from overreaching - hoofboots will benefit your horse. Aimed at improving your horse's soundness, well-being and performance, the use of boots will extend your horse's working life!

With hoofboots it is not a case of one type of boot fits all horses. Like our own sports shoes, it is important when choosing a hoof boot to get one that closely fits the shape of your horses hoof. Always take the measurements on a freshly trimmed hoof to ensure the correct fit.

We recommend boots from Renegade (www.renegadehoofboots.com) or the Easycare range (www.easycareinc.com).

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